Diamond sharpening steel


For an extra strong ground

The exceptional hardness of diamonds can be used excellent for exact sharpening of knives, blades or other tools.

The diamond sharpening steel from Heson , available in three sizes, is more than an ordinary knife sharpener. He consists of a plastic body with an attached aluminium handle, on which the changeable, over the whole are with diamonds occupied, plate is situated. This plate guarantees the extra sharp and fast cut. With a correct use the wear and tear is low. Weared out plates can be exchanged without problems.

In the standard program from Heson you will find two different grains for several uses: D35 for a fine cut as well as D54 for a rough machining. On demand other grains can be delivered.

Here you are able to download the corresponding chapter to our Heson sharpening steel tools. Are there any questions? We will be glad to be of assistance to you.

Here you will find the complete data
for the diamond steel sharpener
as PDF-download.

Use of diamond sharpening steel tool

The diamond sharpening tool is suitable , through the extra hard diamonds, for all knives, blades, tool forms and all metall, for small and pointed tools as well as for bigger and with more area tools. With a correct use the wear and tear is low and the items have a high economy. Weared out plates can be exchanged without problems.

Apply water and petrol on the grinding plate


Before sharpening apply water or petrol on the grinding plate. Please do not use the sharpening steel in dry state!

Place on cutting abrasive disk

heson-diamant-abzieh-schaerfer002For sharpening – place on cutting abrasive disk with an angle of 20°


heson-diamant-abzieh-schaerfer003With cutting edge ahead please emphasize on diamond surface – one side from top to shank – the opposite side from shank to top

Deliverable complete Heson diamond sharpening steels

200 x 70 mm W200/… D35 or  D54
150 x 50 mm W150/… D35 or  D54
120 x 25 mm W120/… D35 or  D54

* Grains; D35 for a fine grinding, D54 for a coarse grinding,
on demand other grains are available

Deliverable diamond plates for upgrade

200 x 70 mm W200/N/… D35 or  D54
150 x 50 mm W150/N/… D35 or  D54
120 x 25 mm W120/N/… D35 or  D54

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