Precision diamond files


Extensive file programm for the most demanding

Heson offers you the most extensive assortment of galvanical bound files. Regardless if diamond files or diamond needle files, diamond files with shank or diamond-spring steel wire: Quality tools from Heson are durable and meet the highest standards.

The precision diamond files are, thanks to the high aggressive abrasion of the diamond,  suitable for processing of hard materials like solid carbide, glass, ceramic, matrices, super nickel alloys, ferrites, rubber, armouring or plastic.

Here you are able to see the corresponding chapters of the single Heson precision files as ePaper or you are able to download our complete catalogue to this product range.  Are there any questions? We would be glad to be of assistance to you!


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Diamond needle files

Diamond files with shank

Diamond hand files with handle

Diamond file bent

Diamond escapement file square shaft

Diamond micro notch file with shank

Diamond flat file tapered

Diamond slot file with wooden shank

Diamond contact file with handle

Diamond needle file short form

Diamond machine file, shank 3 mm

Diamond machine files

Diamond spring steel wire

Diamond film self-adhesive flexible

Diamond hand lapping tool

Diamond tool sharpening steel with shank

Chainsaw sharpener

Here the complete catalogue
Precision diamond files
is available as ePaper.

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