The family-owned business, found in 1964, is your competent partner regarding diamond and boron nitride tools. Our extensive supply goes from galvanical bound diamond tools like diamond files and diamond pins to CBN/boron nitride pins up to dressing diamonds and dressing diamond tools.

Our diamond and boron-nitride tools are available in many shapes and dimensions. Our tools feature highest quality levels combined with a reasonable price.

After decades of experience and our big know-how we are also distinguished to our readiness to deliver and our  reliability with regard to order handling.

Through our professional and precise production we became a leading manufacturer for customers all over the world – buying diamonds is a confidential matter.
From Heson diamond and boron nitride tools you are getting quality tools „made in Germany“.

Nevertheless we guarantee a environmentally friendly production in our galvanical department. Our waste water plants are checked  regularly and correspond to the latest technical standard.

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